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The “New” Normal

Written by on August 18, 2020

Welcome to my inaugural blog on!  This is not something I’ve done before (except for school essays) and it is not something I normally do.  So, bear with me.  Interesting to use the word “normally” because I’m not sure what that means right now.

The dictionary says that “normal” is – “conforming to a standard; usual, typical or expected”.   That certainly doesn’t apply to me writing a blog, it’s not usual or typical, but I guess it was kind of expected according to my Webmaster.  Nowadays we’re once again hearing the term “New normal”.  Perhaps I’m part of that now, whether I want to be or not!

Actually, Wikipedia defines new normal like this: “A new normal is a state to which an economy, society, etc. settles following a crisis when this differs from the situation that prevailed prior to the start of the crisis.  The term has been used following the financial crisis of 2007-2008, after the 2008-2012 global recession and now, of course, for the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The current crisis crept into most people’s minds towards the end of March.  The “lockdown” took affect in most places, working people either worked from home or didn’t get to go to work at all. Schools shut down and may not reopen!  This is not normal, no matter how you feel about the current crisis.  My “normal” changed in only a few ways.  We are retired so, our work routine was not affected.  We do enjoy going out on occasion and that did change.  I am a member of a classic country band, which just means a bunch of old farts playing old music.

We did play quite often, had a good time and entertained quite a few people. We played last on February 29 for a leap year dance.  Then we didn’t play or practice for several months.  Most of our “gigs” were cancelled and we just started playing again in late May.  All of our jobs now are outdoors and usually private parties.  Several bands stopped playing, but that’s fodder for my next blog.

And now, here we are, around six months into the “new normal” and life seems to be getting closer to the old normal, whether that’s good or not is the prevailing question.  A few things have changed immensely, such as work, school and big gatherings of people.  There are parts of the current normal that I don’t agree with, but, then again I’m not ready to walk into a college or professional football stadium and share my afternoon with 55,000 of my closest friends.

Sauk Prairie Radio started, the first time, in 2009.  Then in late 2015, the royalty rules changed and small internet radio stations like mine couldn’t afford to  keep broadcasting.  A couple of years ago the rules changed again and it is now a fun and affordable undertaking.  The current pandemic gave me a lot of home time to restart the station and we’re actually just in the middle getting it going.  So, I guess I’m back to some of my “older normal” and it feels great.

In whatever way the current situation affects you and those around you, make your “new normal” the best you can.  We can put up with the politicians making hay on the virus but, we have to take care of each other first.  We’ll be wearing masks for a long time so, that I think qualifies as a new normal.  Honestly, I wear a mask out of respect for those around me.  I’m not sure of the efficacy but I’ll follow the rules.  Actually, I’ve been told on more than one occasion that I look better in a mask.  Whatever that means!

Just for the record, there are 5 cities in America named Normal.  I couldn’t, for the life of me,  find one named “New Normal”, so things are looking up.  We’re all in this together so, take care of others and stay safe.

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